4949 Surophoinissa soo-rof-oy’-nis-sah

feminine of a compound of 4948 and the same as 5403; a Syro-phoenician woman, i.e. a female native of Phoenicia in Syria → Syrophenician. see SG4948 see SG5403

+ (addition) denotes a rendering in the (AUTHORIZED ENGLISH VERSION) A.V. of one or more Greek words in connection with the one under consideration.
X (multiplication) denotes a rendering in the A.V. that results from an idiom peculiar to the Greek.
( ) (parenthesis), in the renderings from the A.V., denotes a word or syllable sometimes given in connection with the principle word to which it is annexed.
(bracket), in the rendering from the A.V., denotes the inclusion of an additional word in the Greek.

After the arrow are given all the different renderings of the word in the Authorized English Version, arranged in the alphabetical order of the leading terms, and conveniently condensed according to the explanations given below.